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We’ve been continuing our work with Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion to expand the datasets available through the Hub. As part of our ongoing drive to improve the Hub we have extended the data, previously restricted to Hampshire, to national coverage  and changed the frequency of updates

Data at LSOA level is now available for all of Hampshire, plus the areas covered by both National Parks in Hampshire; this means that the Wiltshire part of the New Forest and East and West Sussex parts of South Downs are now provided for.

Not only are we providing data at this level for the Hub partner area but we have also added comparative datasets at a district level across the country, allowing  people using the data  to see how their district compares against a similar one in, for example Surrey or further afield, such as  North Yorkshire.

We are upping the ante on currency of data. Where applicable, when data is released on a monthly basis, we will be updating the data to reflect this. In parallel we will continue with our regular update regime of three monthly updates of all our data.

We are pleased to have moved to the newest release of Publish My Data platform, v2.5. This brings with it significant improvements in performance (particularly on large datasets) as well as new ways to navigate through the data, such as the “Explore” tool, allowing people to filter through the data by theme, geography and organisation.

The new platform will allow us to introduce improved functionality and alongside the new data will offer users an improved experience.

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