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Under the Open Government Licence (OGL), the Hampshire Hub Partnership has released high resolution aerial photography and height data covering the whole county.

Online Portal

3D representation of Portsdown, created using Hampshire’s open imagery and height data

Researchers from GeoData at the University of Southampton are developing an online portal for anyone to explore or download readily accessible versions of the data. The GeoData team will incorporate leading edge visualisation technologies, enabling users to explore high resolution 3D representations of the county using any modern standards-compliant web browser.

Open Data interface

While the raw data has been available for download since the summer, the new portal will provide a more accessible Open Data interface, helping to support wide interest in the data for research purposes and many potential applications and considerable public interest in environmental and geospatial sectors.

As an Institution at the forefront of Web Science, the University has made a positive commitment to Open Data, both in concept and as best practice, supporting the project with research funding. GeoData has been instrumental in launching the interdisciplinary Open Source Geospatial Lab (OSGL) which will provide a home for the Hampshire open aerial data portal.

Open source software

GeoData has particular expertise and a track record in the use of open source software and open standards for storage, management and delivery of open geospatial data, a high profile and expanding field with relevance to UK and European research infrastructure priorities. Collaborating with Web and Internet Science researchers within the University’s Electronics and Computer Science will promote sharing of expertise and research leadership in semantic web and linked/open data disciplines, hopefully leading to future opportunities for collaboration between the University and Hampshire Hub.


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