Flooding Information for Hampshire

Hampshire County Council, on behalf of the Hampshire Hub Partnership, is collaborating with Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd (RSAC) and KnowNow Information Ltd (KN-i) on the Flooding Information for Hampshire project, funded by the UK Space Agency as part of its Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP).

Extract from overview, showing land cover information intersected with flood risk
Extract from SSGP presentation, showing land cover information intersected with flood risk

The risk of flooding is an important issue across Hampshire: the county is vulnerable to flooding from groundwater, rivers and the sea. As a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), Hampshire County Council is responsible for managing the risk of future flooding, including preparation of a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and investigation of significant flood incidents.

To support these functions, the project will investigate, through example-led consultation, the interest amongst Hampshire Hub partners in Earth Observation products, including rapid response flood maps, with the potential to enhance flood risk management, including improving the effectiveness of Whether You Do or Weather You Don’t (WUDOWUD).

Examples of a range of established and emerging Earth Observation products and applications will be developed as Case Studies for demonstration to Hampshire Hub partners at a workshop, to be organised at the end of the project. Appropriate ‘apps’ will be developed to integrate compatible products with WUDOWUD processes as a means of improving the detail and value of outputs. A report on the perceived utility of the demonstrated products will be published, including recommendations for operational implementation.

An overview and update was presented at the SSGP / DCLG Local Digital’s Discovery Day on 13th March 2015: Making efficiencies using satellites “it’s not rocket science”.  The slides used are included at the link below:

Download (PDF, 20B)

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