Whether You Do Or Weather You Don’t (WUDOWUD)

The Whether You Do Or Weather You Don’t (WUDOWUD) initiative is led by Know Now Information in collaboration with the Hampshire Hub Partnership and supported by the STFC (Science & Technology Centre).

WUDOWUD  is broken into two distinct phases.

  1. to prove that a correlation can be positively identified between the weather event and events occurring due to that weather in a specific location. The project is using historic data to a) identify a correlation (2000 to 2006) and b) then validating this correlation (2007 to 2014).
  2. Phase two is then working with experts in the emergency services (in particular the Fire Service), Government Agencies and local council response teams in determining whether a proactive response could lead to a better outcome.

The instigator, Chris Cooper has written a guest post about it. WuDoWuD (and the Hampshire Hub!) was also recently featured in an article in Real Business.

WUDoWUD has also been featured as a case study by the Science & Technology Facilities Council: Predicting weather-related emergency blackspots

Download (PDF, 20B)

Co-founder of Know Now, David Patterson, and Mark Braggins (Hampshire Hub Partnership, BlueLightCamp & British APCO) presented an overview and update at the DCLG’s Flood Resilience Discovery Day in February 2015


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